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Current: 01.04.2023 – 21.05.2023 'Art Pax Awards' @ HeK, House of Electronic Arts
05.05.2023 opening 'May Your Dreams Come' @ Kunsthalle Palazzo Liestal

Jennifer Merlyn Scherler’s (they/them) work explores issues of intimacy, identity, gender fluidity, self-image and nostalgia through various (not exclusively digital) formats and media, ranging from video, lecture performance, sound, installation, photography and poetry. Investigating internet cultures and setting a spotlight on cultural behaviours, Scherler reveals how offline structures of cultural dominance are mirrored in the digital sphere.

Scherler reflects on strategies employed by marginalised communities to circumvent the mechanisms of exclusion and claim their presence in digital spaces. Their works integrate a multitude of collective identities and their various strategies of living, grieving and remembering. Incorporating fantasy worlds, pop cultural references, footage and content drawn from the internet, and combining them with personal reflections and textual fragments.

They are a happy member of the collective project memeclassworldwide.

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